Esprit vegabonde


The highlight of this garment are the pants, they areΒ harem pants made out of heavy weight cotton with embroidery done on the panels in the front. This embroidery style is specialised in the North of Thailand. I love these they are super comfortable and they look amazing according to me give me the boho/hipster feeling.

With an effort to keep the look minimalist iv added a black crop top from cotton on, and these ‘Kolhapuri chappals’ which I love.

The original Kolhapuris are hand crafted leather slippers which are tanned using vegetable dyes! but mine are a modern version of course which I found at a shoe store in Mumbai. πŸ™‚


What i’m wearingΒ 

Top – Cotton on

Harem pants – Street Market

Kolhapuri chappals (shoes) – Sole to Soul


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    July 19, 2014

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