Rocket Coffeebar

So today I was to meet my friend for lunch today, but the place we were suppose to go to was shut for some reason 🙁

After  a wrong turn or two we stumbled upon this place and decided to try it because it looked really cute.

And it was an awesome idea. I love the interior of the cafe. Big windows to let the natural sunlight in and dim lighting in the inside area. With its minimalistic decor and limited but really interesting menu. It got us really exited 🙂

The cafe is perfect for breakfast/brunch because thats what they serve! So you can get your favourite breakfast any time of the day here!

We got the Banana waffles, Granola berry bowl, Beryy smoothie and the cherry – blossom green tea. SOOO GOOD.

IMG_7808 copy IMG_7797 copy IMG_7798 copy IMG_7802 copy IMG_7806 copy IMG_7807 copy

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