Summer 2012 – Alaska, Whistler, Orlando, Las Vegas

So the summer I graduated from High school, I went on this amazing trip to Alaska, Whistler and Las Vegas. At this point I had just gotten my camera (Canon D60) and I was new at using it, and I never thought I would ever do a blog and update my life travel on it! So I don’t have a timeline of what happened or a record of what I did exactly, but I do remember a few things from memory and it was probably one of my best trips I’v been on πŸ™‚

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IMG_6122 copyIMG_5989 copy

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IMG_5827 copyIMG_5127 copy


cropped-img_4907.jpg IMG_4578 copy IMG_4575 copy IMG_4480 copy
IMG_4327 copyIMG_4216 copyIMG_4203IMG_4201 copy

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