Switzerland is also known as heaven on earth and it really was beautiful. Its a place which makes you really appreciate nature and notice how beautiful it really is. I know i am a city girl, I don’t think I would ever be satisfied living in a small town, because I love the city, all the people, all those buildings, lights and unlimited places to go to. Despite all of this I would love to go visit again, and go live in one of those houses on the hill! like Heidi 😛

We started out trip in this city called Luzern, to me it was a beautiful little town that had buildings with historic architecture and the best was the fresh air.

This trip was amazing we spent a few days here where we stayed at the place Luzern, which was at the bank of Lake Luzern. Which meant waking up to a breathtaking view every morning.From here made day trips to Mt. Titlis and Interlaken from where we went to Mt. Jungfrau.

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