Glamsport for a night out. ft. Rishta by Arjun Saluja

Hey there,

So after brining in 2016 in Mumbai and spending 3 weeks instead of one as planned, I’m finally back home! Its 8:02pm and I finally sat down to write this post, what I’ve been doing all day is organising my closet and packing for a new adventure!  You shall find out about it soon enough, and I hope you all will be  just as excited as I am! For now though, enjoy this outfit post! 🙂

I may have mentioned my former personal style, which you could call tomboy-ish. Why tomboy-ish? Because no doubt I’ve loved the colour pink since I was a baby, but I hated flowery things, dresses, skirts and heels! I couldn’t even do proper make up, until a year after graduating high school! So while I hated all these girly things, I loved my sneakers, shorts and hoodies. Which I still do love, and will always do. I get the happiest when I’m able to mix up my girly and not so girly side in a look!

I came across this gorgeous piece from Rishta by Arjun Saluja, that had already done that for me. Its SO COOL GUYS! Not even exaggerating. As you can probably see from the pictures below, its this hooded jacket with gorgeous stitching details. Being a design student, I always appreciate different things and especially when its different patterns or drapes. The colour and the fabric used definitely makes it better, its a shiny gold fabric mixed in with some beige sheer.

So WHY NOT go to a night out dressed cool but glam? Make those heads turn.

This jacket was the reason for this outfit, so I styled it with a LBD from Topshop in this knit jersey fabric to not go OTT. I added on these white and golden heels from Lipstik an Australian shoe brand. Then finished with a single statement ring from H&M.

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