Trench coat revisited ft. Surendri

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Hi, bubs!

How youu doin? 😉

Excuse my awkward hello, recently I binge watched all of Friends again. Of course, this line got stuck with me.

I spent yesterday recovering from the crazy week I had, which was mostly staying in college until 10pm and trying to cope with yet another change. The transfer to Hong Kong wasn’t planned, or preferred would be better to say. So despite HK being an amazing city, I’m still trying to figure things out and focusing on my course. I know one shouldn’t make excuses, but this is a reason for the lack of posts and updates. As always trying to juggle to huge parts of my life and pretty much loving it. I really (X100) hope to dedicate more time to blogging because here is where my heart seems to be!

Today, however, was a productive and fun day for me, I met some family who flew in from Bombay, worked on a group project and face timed with my best friend for a good few hours. (You can always check out the details on Snapchat)

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Now getting back to the actual post. (My apologies for the random rambling and the more which is to come about this outfit!)

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Winter season is still going on and so is the wedding season in India. So this is quite appropriate yes.

The famous “Anarkali” is, without a doubt, a beautiful piece of silhouette and it really complements the Indian figure (like mine). However this trend doesn’t want to leave and it’s been here (again) for a few years already, its time to move on guys! Wear your beautiful Anarkali but don’t be afraid to try something different and definitely something that would turn heads.

During my recent trip to India at the start of this year, I was shopping at this Indian clothing store Atosa, which I have mentioned to you guys before. I came across this outfit from Surendri, what I love about it is that its Indian but not so Indian. I have seen a lot of “Indo – western” outfits, however not all of them make me go “omg I need that in my closet!”.

I’ll be honest, I don’t love the embroidery but I don’t hate it either. I do have quite an extremist personality and that stretches to my fashion choices. For this garment, I personally believe that the ideology of modernism that ‘less is more’ would work well. As the garment is so simple but powerful that it should remain that way. I would prefer a less bulky design or  reduced amount of embroidery. However at the end of the day I’ve never really designed Indian clothing myself, so my judgement on this may be incompetent. Possibly, you may need that Indian embroidery for a garment to have that ethnic touch.

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The striking element about the garment is the silhouette. The trench coat!! I’ve never seen an Indian garment with a trench coat, I do wish that I had designed this myself! I love it. It gives you a powerful yet elegant feeling. You may not feel so elegant or in power when you’re walking around it, but from a third person’s eye and you may see it. This is very evident in the pictures that were taken and I hope you agree with me.

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When I see good clothing and design aesthetics, I can only describe myself as a very excited child at the candy store! (or the bookstore even, considering the bookworm I am). The details are everything, from that lapel collar to the slight overlap at the waist, that belt and of course that midnight blue raw silk. (I have this undying love for raw silk). I was in such a hurry for this shoot, I forgot to get any jewellery to go with it! But I would probably have styled the look with a pair of gorgeous earrings and a ring maybe? I wore my current favourite heels for Indian clothing from Steve Madden, and Diva from Mac Cosmetics mixed with a lip stainer from Too Faced Cosmetics.



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I’m really trying this thing out, called quality control. (lol) We spend a lot of money on Indian clothes and thus we should totally make them worth it! This outfit btw was a complete bargain! I got it for 18,000 Rupees. I definitely encourage to go get yourself one of these or even something similar and say bye bye to that anarkalis. (for a bit, just to spice up things, I have few I need to wear out too!)


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Until Next time loves,

    Margi Sakariya

Outfit: Surendri, Steve Madden Photographer: Mohit Varu

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